Everyone has a side to them that others don't always assume. And everyone sees a different side of the same person. Her customers and friends all saw her as the kind breeder, who took good care of Pokemon and cared about their inner beauty.

Her Pokemon didn't quite see it that way.

by Leto

"You're being a bad advertisement," Susie scolded gently, patting the Vulpix's hair, smoothing it down.


"Don't complain so much. You're a famous fashion model, you have to look perfect."


"It's what you want, right?"

Vulpix shook its head vehemently. Susie sighed.

"Well, that's too bad. If you can't appreciate a good home, good food, a good lifestyle, not to mention being well recognised and respected, I don't know what's wrong with you."

Vulpix sighed slightly as the cameras zoomed in on it. It blinked its eyes and tried to look cute.

Susie straightened the bow around its neck and stepped back, leaving her Pokemon in the spotlight. A dozen shutters fell, lights flashed, photos taken.

The Vulpix thought bitterly of the 'glamour' of show business... sitting still or posing for hours a day, having to look exactly right, not move around or have any fun.

"Now, action shots," said one of the photographers from Pokemon Friend. "We want to show off a Vulpix in its natural habitat."

Vulpix's eyes glittered, showing a glimmer of interest.

Susie picked Vulpix up and followed the photographer into another room.

"See, we've got it ready here."

Vulpix sighed as it saw the set; artificial trees and shrubs, a painted blue sky and flowers that had no smell of the forest.

"We want a cute, playful Vulpix."

Playful? thought the Pokemon. What's that?

The session went on, but Vulpix wasn't allowed to actually play; only pose as if it were.


The blue sky wasn't painted. It was real. Vulpix sniffed the air hopefully as it followed Susie, tired, after another long day.

But there was no trace of forest in the air.

It still remembered its home. Its real home, not a shop. Where it had freedom to... well, live.


That Pikachu look really happy, it has friend with that human.

I wish I could go with that human, they said they go through lot of forest, and I could eat that breeder-human's food like that Pikachu does. It tastes better than Master's food because I think he made it in good spirits, not as chore.

And he doesn't think the outside of a Pokemon is most important thing. Master said she doesn't think that but she sure act like it.

I got to fight battle today. I haven't for long time, although Master used to train me like that. Before she got famous and acted like I was fashion model human.

"Brock, I'd really love it if you would take care of Vulpix for me."

What? I heard the name humans call me? Vulpix, that's me?!

"Susie, I..."

"Vulpix needs a trainer like you. Please accept it, Brock. I have my own path to follow."

She always makes things seem nice so other humans will like her. I think she isn't meaning what she say.

She picks me up. Only I can hear her whisper "You've lost your edge lately. I think I don't need you any more."

Two faced person.

She holds me out to one of those human.

Not that one! That's not the one I wanted. He said he's Pokemon breeder. All Pokemon breeder I meet are mean humans. They care not much about their Pokemon except for how they look.

He takes out a round catching ball and throws it at me. I don't struggle. Nothing like that, it's undignified. I'm not supposed to fight when other humans decide my future?

After all, I'm a fashion model. Can't mess up my hair.

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